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Using Python Dictionary Script in ResSim

This post shows how to use the Python dictionary script created in the 29 April 2016 post within HEC-ResSim.

The model used to show this example is a simple one reservoir model with 1,500 cfs entering the model at its upstream end (CP1).

The top of conservation is at 50 ft.

This model utilizes a scripted rule that is applied to both the Flood Control zone and the Conservation zone.

When you create a scripted rule, the script editor appears.  Your code will be entered after the "# add your code here" comment.
The code looks very similar to the Python script shown in the earlier post.  However, in the earlier post, I showed pool_elev as a constant since it was not connected to the ResSim model.  Now that the script is in the ResSim model, I can access the pool elevation at each time step of the simulation.  It is performed with two lines of code explained in more detail below.  The pool elevation and release are related in the rating dictionary.  So, for instance, a release o…

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