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Location and Pool Elevations of Houston Area Reservoirs, Addicks and Barker

With the occurrence of Hurricane Harvey, much attention has been focused on Addicks and Barker Reservoirs upstream of Houston.  This post shows the location of the reservoirs and provides data, including pool elevations, of both reservoirs.

The following information was gathered from the Texas Water Development Board website.
Addicks Reservoir is located near Addicks, Texas in Harris County on South Mayde and Langham Creeks, tributaries to Buffalo Bayou.  Addicks Dam was completed in 1948.
Barker Reservoir is located near Barker, Texas in Harris and Fort Bend Counties.  Barker Reservoir is formed by Barker Dam, which is located on Buffalo Bayou.  Barker Dam was completed in 1945.
The location of these reservoirs is shown in the figure below.  I have also located the general location of Buffalo Bayou.  Note that both reservoirs are located upstream of and to the west of Houston.  Buffalo Bayou runs through the city of Houston.

Both Addicks and Barker Reservoirs are used for flood contr…

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