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Review of rule logic in HEC-ResSim

This post further demonstrates the rule logic and rule behavior in HEC-ResSim.

The network below contains two reservoirs, one on the main stem and one on a tributary.  There is 1,000 cfs entering the main stem and 1,000 cfs entering the tributary.

The tributary reservoir has no rules of operation.  Basically, this means that the only constraint placed on that reservoir is the physical capacity of 5,000 cfs.

The reservoir on the main stem has a downstream control function that wants to limit the flow at the downstream junction, "downstream control point", to 2,200 cfs.  Note that with no restrictions on the tributary reservoir, trying to keep the flow at or below 2,200 cfs falls solely on the main stem reservoir.

The tributary reservoir operations are shown below.  The simulation begins with the reservoir in the flood pool.  Since ResSim wants to release as much as possible and with the tributary reservoir having no restrictions, it releases its full physical capacity of 5,00…

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