Multiple Alternatives in HEC-ResSim

In previous posts, the development of multiple watershed configurations, multiple reservoir networks, and multiple operations sets was discussed.  These posts can be found at the following links:

Multiple Watershed Configurations

Multiple Reservoir Networks

Multiple Operations Sets

This post will discuss the development of multiple alternatives.

In developing an alternative, we can choose different configurations.  In the two figures below, the selection of "existing system" and "proposed system" for the watershed configuration is shown.

Notice also that the existing system watershed configuration uses the Reservoir Network titled "existing" while the proposed system watershed configuration uses the Reservoir Network titled "proposed".  This is shown in the figures below.  The alternatives are named "exist alt" and "prop alt".

Various operations sets were developed for the main existing reservoir.  For each alternative a single operations set for each reservoir must be specified.  The selection of operations sets for the reservoir titled "main existing reservoir" is shown in the figure below.

The images shown above provide the most common reasons for having multiple alternatives.  However, multiple alternatives can also be used to specify different time steps, different lookback criteria, and to map to different time series values.  Screenshots of these input screens are shown below.


Table Rock Dam

Table Rock Dam